New electronic health card 2014 mandatory

Health insurance companies: The electronic health card is compulsory from New Year

"From January 1, 2014, the new electronic health cards (eGK) will only apply to all statutory health insurers," the BBK company health insurers point out. The old health insurance cards expire at the end of 2013.

False reports mislead the insured
However, numerous media reported incorrectly, causing confusion. Some have reported that the old health insurance cards are still valid until October 2014. Others even claimed that the cards were “durable” as long as the expiry date was shown on the chip cards. "Such transition periods only apply to doctors and clinics". This is to ensure that treatments can always be billed. "This deadline does not apply to patients," emphasizes a health insurance spokeswoman. From January 1, 2014, all insured persons must present their new electronic health card to the doctor or in the hospital.

New card contains more data All health insurance companies have already sent the new health cards to the insured in the current year. In addition to the insurance number, the eGK contains the name, age, address and copayment note and a picture of the holder. The cash registers want to limit the misuse of cards. In addition, the new cards can be overwritten and modified. This was necessary so that the health cards can be adapted to the modern encryption system. After an introductory period, other, sometimes sensitive, data should also be saved. This includes prescriptions, blood type, diagnostics or ultrasound images. The health insurers point out that "insured persons have no costs to purchase". But probably indirectly, since the development and introduction cost a few hundred million euros.

Order your health card quickly So the new health card is a prerequisite for smooth treatment from New Year's Day, so that doctors and clinics can bill with health insurance companies as usual. Anyone who does not yet have an eGK must submit the card after treatment at the latest ten days later. If this is not done, the doctor or the hospital will issue a private bill, which the patient will then have to pay for himself. Legally insured persons who do not yet have a new card should contact their cash register as soon as possible to order a new one. The health insurance company issues a certificate for a certain bridging period, so that insurance cover is always guaranteed. (sb)

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