Stiftung Warentest: home remedies for mold

Stiftung Warentest: anti-mold agent

Molds in the home are not only ugly, they are also extremely hazardous to health. The fungal spores can trigger a respiratory illness or lead to allergies or asthmatic illnesses. Symptoms that can occur as a result of mold are persistent headaches, runny nose and sleep disorders as well as burning eyes and cough. Therefore, mold should be removed immediately after it has been discovered. The Stiftung Warentest examined several agents for their suitability.

Chemical clubs can be harmful to humans But the chemicals of the anti-mold agents can also be harmful to humans and not all agents help really effectively. The Stiftung Warentest tested 20 anti-mold products. Here, tried and tested home remedies for chemical clubs started.

Experts from the Federal Environment Agency expressly warn against so-called fungicides. These are chemical or biological agents that kill fungi or their spores or prevent their growth for a certain period of time. There is a risk that the active ingredients remain in the rooms for a longer period of time and thus harm the health of the residents more than they use. The experiments showed that "simple home remedies such as hydrogen peroxide, a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, work just as well and have fewer side effects on top of that. Home remedies with alcohol and vinegar essence also have a very good effect against mold. Stiftung Wartentest tested the" spore-killing effect after a contact time of 60 minutes ". Below is a brief overview.

The spray products from "FLT", "Hellweg", "Toom" "and" Max Bahr "performed best. The “Men” mold remover also belonged to this group. 0.5 liters cost between 7.70 euros to 9 euros. From a health point of view, they all got a "satisfactory", according to the testers. Good sprays are also available with hydrogen peroxide from "Schimmel X" and ethanol-based from "Leinos".

If you prefer to make an anti-mold agent yourself, you should use isopropyl alcohol or methylated spirit. The cheapest option with two euro liters. You should dilute the methylated spirit with water and repeat the application a few times to achieve success. If you do not want to use alcohol, you can also use a hydrogen peroxide solution as an alternative. One advantage of home remedies over industrially manufactured products is that they hardly leave any residues and they evaporate quickly. Even if no chemical agents against mold are used, the experts still advise to ventilate well after use. (fr)

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