27.6 billion health insurance surpluses

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Statutory health insurance surpluses of 27.6 billion euros

Once again, the statutory health insurance companies were able to post billions of euros in surplus despite the loss of practice fees. From January to September 2013, all health insurance funds together generated a total surplus of 1.47 billion euros. This was announced by the Federal Ministry of Health. "The development shows that the system of statutory health insurance will continue to be in the black in 2013," reports a ministry spokesman.

Health insurance surpluses at 27.6 billion Health insurance companies in Germany are still accumulating billions of dollars in surpluses. According to the Ministry of Health, the total surplus up to September 2013 was around 27.6 billion euros. Only 10.6 billion of these are invested in the health fund. Around 17 billion euros remained with the health insurers themselves. In particular, large health insurers such as Techniker Krankenkassen or AOK were able to achieve good results.

However, the ministry also pointed out that the health fund has experienced a seasonal deficit of a good 2.46 billion euros in the past three past quarters. Because the federal grant was reduced in 2013 due to the surpluses, the deficit was somewhat higher than usual. Instead of 14 billion, there are now only 11.5 billion euros. However, to compensate for the abolition of practice fees, the health insurers received an additional cushion of 1.45 billion euros from the health fund. In the view of the Federal Ministry of Health, the deficit was completely compensated for due to the "positive development in premium income" in connection with the one-time contribution-based payments such as Christmas bonus.

Expenditure development increasing The expenditure development showed a further increase. Here, health expenditure per insured rose by an estimated 4.8 percent. This is an increase of 0.2 percent year-on-year (compared to the first half of the year). "Volume and structural effects have significantly accelerated expenditure development from mid-2013," says the BMG. According to information from the German Pharmacists' Association, the increase in pharmaceutical expenditure in statutory health insurance between July and October 2013 was around six percent compared to the same period in the previous year. However, according to the Federal Ministry of Health, "savings from discount contracts of the health insurers amounting to around 2.07 billion euros are not taken into account". However, there are no attempts by politicians to lower the cash contributions. (sb)

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