TBC diseases in Brandenburg schools

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Ministry: No other TBC diseases so far

After the known cases of tuberculosis in East Brandenburg, there is currently no evidence of other diseases. This was pointed out by a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health.

Preventing the spread of the disease After new tuberculosis cases were discovered in East Brandenburg in the past few days, there is currently no evidence of further cases. This was announced on Saturday by a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health. People who are in contact with the sick should continue to be tested in the next few days. According to the health authorities, almost 340 people are to be examined in Brandenburg who have had contact with the current patients in order to prevent the disease from spreading further.

Five out of nine patients children The cases that have come to light so far are eight Chechen asylum seekers in Eisenhüttenstadt, five of them children and a teacher from a sports school in Frankfurt (Oder). The patients from Eisenhüttenstadt are treated in a special hospital in Berlin. According to the Ministry of Health, the teacher is in a Brandenburg clinic. People who are in close contact with those affected run the risk of also falling ill. But as a statement from the Ministry of Health states, this does not necessarily have to happen: "Usually only people whose immune system is weakened by poor nutrition or basic diseases fall ill."

Poor hygiene increases the risk of infection So far, 84 tuberculosis cases have been registered in Brandenburg this year; in previous years, the average was 90 cases. Most often, the disease, also known as consumption or “the moths”, appears as an infection of the lungs, with persistent coughing, chronic fatigue, weight loss, fever with night sweats and a stinging in the chest, which can be signs of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is usually transmitted through the droplet infection, in which infected people cough to expel tiny droplets containing pathogens that infect their fellow human beings. With poor hygiene and in a confined space, the risk of infection is particularly high. (ad)

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