Young people also have a stroke

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Foundation: Not only older people are hit

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the German Stroke Aid Foundation pointed out that it is not only older people who are struck. Children and adolescents can also have a stroke.

300 children affected annually To mark their 20th anniversary, German Stroke Aid warned on Friday that not only older people can have a stroke. Up to 14,000 adults under the age of 50 and 300 children are affected every year. However, this is often noticed too late. It is therefore important to be able to correctly identify a stroke. This can manifest itself through different symptoms, for example through visual and speech disorders, dizziness, paralysis, numbness or severe headache.

Every citizen should recognize signs The German Stroke Aid was founded in 1993 by Liz Mohn, who still heads it as President. The foundation, based in Gütersloh, deals with the prevention and early detection of strokes as well as the treatment and rehabilitation of those affected by providing information and improving diagnostic and therapeutic options. The reason for the foundation was the suspected diagnosis of stroke at the then young son Mohns, who is a member of the Bertelsmann Group Supervisory Board. She said that one of her goals was that every citizen knew the signs of the disease.

Stroke treatable today The neurologist and board member of the Charité in Berlin and also a consultant to the foundation, Karl Max Einhäupl, said that those affected should be treated as quickly as possible, otherwise the brain could be further damaged. Today, unlike at the beginning of the 1990s, the disease is treatable, according to the expert. Stroke help also contributed to this, for example by promoting the establishment of special wards in clinics and publicizing the topic in society.

Ambassador Verena Pooth The ambassador of the foundation, Verona Pooth, also wants to contribute to educating people about risks such as being overweight and not getting enough exercise. "As a fit mother of two children, I want to be a role model with my healthy lifestyle," said the moderator. According to the foundation, 270,000 people in Germany suffer a stroke every year. In adults, cerebral hemorrhage usually leads to disability or even death. Einhäupl explained that especially those who already had a stroke were at risk. Most people who have a stroke are older than sixty years. However, this life-threatening illness can also affect younger people, even children and newborns. (ad)

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