Insured: Now higher subsidy for hearing aids

Insured persons receive a higher subsidy for hearing aids

Since November 1st, the statutory health insurance companies have paid their hearing-impaired insured persons higher contributions for hearing aids. The previous fixed amount is now almost doubled.

Subsidy almost doubled As the Consumer Center Saxony announced on Friday, hearing impaired adults have been receiving EUR 784.94 for a hearing aid from their box office since November 1st instead of EUR 421.28. The previous fixed amount has almost doubled. Accordingly, the costs for advice, programming and adaptation of the hearing aid, as well as aftercare, are also borne by the health insurance companies.

Comparing offers from providers Consumer expert Marion Schmidt said: "Hearing aid acousticians can decide for themselves which devices they want to run as cash register devices", but they would also have to offer models that correspond to the fixed amount. Depending on the hearing impairment and individual needs, many hearing aids are significantly more expensive than the subsidy. According to the consumer advice center, patients should therefore not be forced to use a device with a high share of their own costs, but rather compare at least two different offers from the providers.

Fund responsible for full disability compensation Under certain circumstances, the health insurance company may have to pay a hearing aid to a hearing impaired person, which is more expensive than the planned fixed amount. The Lower Saxony-Bremen State Social Court ruled two months ago that the health insurers were responsible for the most complete possible disability compensation, which included that hearing impaired people should be able to be understood in large rooms and in the presence of ambient noise as far as possible. The court relied on a decision of the Federal Social Court in 2009.

First of all to an ENT doctor. Cash register patients can only get a hearing aid by prescription the first time after an ENT doctor has examined them. From your cash register you will then find out which hearing aid acousticians are contractual partners of the cash register. Around 14 million people in Germany suffer from hearing loss. About 500,000 people are provided with hearing aids every year. (ad)

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