Self-test: how vulnerable is your bladder?

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6 questions provide information on the risk of inflammation

With constant urge to urinate combined with only small amounts of urine excretion, there is much to be said for a bladder infection. Also known as cystitis, they are among the most common diseases of the excretory organs. Women in particular often suffer complications from urinary tract infections due to their shortened urethra. Bacteria easily get up the short urethra into the bladder and then cause pain in the abdomen, burning sensation when urinating and a strong urge to urinate. Urologists must always treat bladder infections promptly to avoid complications such as kidney infections. Dr. Reinhold Schaefer, urologist and managing director of the Uro-GmbH North Rhine medical network, developed a questionnaire based on patient data, with which everyone can find out for themselves whether they are susceptible to cystitis. Please note that the test does not replace a visit to the urologist.

1. How old are you?
a. Under 45 years (0)
b. 45 - 60 years (1)
c. Over 60 years (2)

2. How much do you drink a day?
a. Less than two liters (2)
b. About two liters (1)
c. Over two liters (0)

3. Do you often freeze in winter?
a. No, I rarely feel cold (0)
b. Yes, now and then I freeze (1)
c. Yes, I'm actually always cold (2)

4. Do you go to a toilet when you have to urinate?
a. No, I often hesitate to go to the toilet (2)
b. Yes, unless I'm very distracted (1)
c. Yes, I'm very careful (0)

5. Do you often have bladder infections after sexual intercourse?
a. No, not at all (0)
b. Yes, but rarely (1)
c. Yes, it happens almost every time (2)

6. Do bladder infections occur frequently in your closer family (mother / sister)?
a. No, not at all (0)
b. Yes, many suffer from it now and then (1)
c. Yes, almost everyone in my family often has bladder infections (2)

Evaluation up to 3 points
You seem to have a low risk of bladder infections. If you still experience symptoms, you should get treatment from your urologist to avoid secondary complications.

4-7 points
Your bladder is probably more prone to inflammation. You should definitely be examined for frequent urinary tract infections. Urologists investigate the causes of cystitis and then treat them specifically. Always try to drink a lot yourself and always keep your abdomen warm.

8-12 points
You are at high risk of cystitis, your urologist should go to your problem-solver. Always try to drink a lot yourself and always keep your abdomen warm. Sexual intercourse also leads to bladder infections due to smear infections. First rule: go to the toilet 15 minutes after sex to flush out bacteria before they get stuck in the bladder. (pm)

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