Sepsis: Far too many victims of blood poisoning

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Up to 20,000 people could be saved from sepsis death: far too many victims of blood poisoning in Germany

Experts are concerned about the high number of blood poisoning victims in Germany. According to leading doctors, 15,000 to 20,000 people a year could be saved from death from sepsis if prevention, diagnosis and therapy followed medical guidelines.

Up to 20,000 victims too many In Germany around 60,000 people die of sepsis annually, colloquially known as blood poisoning. It is an inflammatory reaction to bacteria and other pathogens. According to a paper in the news magazine FOCUS, leading infectious medicine experts criticize that 15,000 to 20,000 fewer victims could be if prevention, diagnosis and therapy followed the medical guidelines.

Much of the blame lies in the Konrad Reinhart medical system, head of the University Clinic for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy in Jena, and one of the authors of the memorandum told the magazine: "The number of sepsis cases increases in the industrialized countries by seven to eight percent each year." The aging of society is only one of the reasons. A large part of the blame lies in the medical system: “Too few people from the risk groups are vaccinated against dangerous pathogens such as pneumococci. Too rarely, doctors pay attention to the first symptoms of an inflammatory reaction. Finally, deficiencies in hospital hygiene exacerbate the problem, ”said Reinhart.

Dying of harmless injury On Monday, the paper will be presented at the "Sepsis Summit Berlin" conference and, according to Reinhart, would have the same effect as an initiative in the US state of New York. There, in April 2012, a father, whose son had died of a harmless sports injury from sepsis, had applied so intensively to tighten the regulations that the governor there, Andrew Cuomo, actually actually passed the "Rory's Regulations". Among other things, it stipulates that a patient must receive antibiotics at the latest one hour after a sepsis diagnosis.

Sepsis is life-threatening The most important symptom of sepsis is a high fever, which rises rapidly in alternation and sinks to normal values ​​within 24 hours, from where it rises again, etc. In the case of blood poisoning, the person feels seriously ill, with rapid deterioration of the General condition. The skin is cold, pale gray to bluish and there may be skin bleeding and other skin symptoms. Sepsis is life-threatening and requires intensive medical treatment to be initiated as quickly as possible. After the diagnosis, which is made by examining a blood culture to determine the pathogen, the therapy consists of a high dose of antibiotics, shock treatment and treatment of the coagulation disorder. In addition, infusions are given to compensate for the loss of fluid and, if necessary, the sepsis focus is surgically removed. (ad)

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