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Carl Baunscheidt (1809-1873), the inventor of the breast breast pump, discovered an interesting phenomenon at the age of 36. When he fell asleep in his garden in the summer of 1848, mosquitoes were particularly eager to sting. They stabbed Baunscheidt in his aching hands countless times. When he woke up, he made an unusual statement: The pain was gone as a result of the mosquito bites.

The family chronicle of the Baunscheidts reports that Carl Baunscheidt was in contact with a missionary from China at that time. This missionary had already told him about the success of Chinese acupuncture. From this observation, he developed his famous "Lebenswecker" to create artificial mosquito bites. The "acupuncture" of the West was born. At the end of the 19th century, Baunscheidtism was widespread. The simple man as well as Napoleon III. Belonged to the enthusiastic followers of the healing method.

His proponents finally used the needle device to treat any illness. Unfortunately not without consequences! Because therapy that claims to be a “panacea” becomes unbelievable. Thus, the Baunscheidt therapy was forgotten because reputable practitioners no longer wanted to use it.

It wasn't until 1928 that Dr. med. Bernhard Aschner the Baunscheidt Therapy again in his "Textbook of Constitutional Therapy". Now the method was used a little more often. Today, however, Baunscheidtism has again taken a back seat through traditional Chinese medicine and neural therapy. The basics of Baunscheidt therapy should therefore be given more attention again, also in order to assess the benefit and value of this simple and effective treatment method and to use it specifically for patients.

I do not want to withhold the most famous quote from Carl Baunscheidt from my readers: "If I were thrown poor and naked as a castaway on a strange shore, I would find friends of my healing method everywhere."

Carl Baunscheidt published his book in 1851. Science, medicine and research have continued to develop. However, the basic idea of ​​Baunscheidtism still has an important place in naturopathy for the benefit of patients. (Heinz Kropmanns, alternative practitioner and President of the Association of German Alternative Practitioners e.V.)

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