Test: Many germs in salads

Stiftung Warentest warns of the contamination of salads with germs

Salad is healthy thanks to its high content of vitamins and minerals. Stiftung Warentest found, however, when examining 19 packaged salads that almost one in two salads can cause health problems. The culprit is an excessive germ load on the salads, which can lead to gastrointestinal complaints in sensitive people.

Salad with germs can cause health problems. According to Stiftung Warentest, packaged, edible salads are often contaminated with germs. In the investigation of 19 products, almost half contained too much germs, the consumer advocates write in the current edition of their magazine "Test". A total of ten times the grade "satisfactory", eight times "sufficient" and once "poor". According to Stiftung Warentest, none of the packaged salads were "of good microbiological quality" at the recommended date of consumption. One organic product had already been spoiled. Most of the germs were yeasts. Pathogens that could become dangerous to humans are However, yeasts and molds could cause gastrointestinal complaints in sensitive people if the maximum number was exceeded, the consumer advocates report.

Salads also contaminated
In addition to the germ load, the pollutant content of the salads was also examined. It turned out that many salads were "not or hardly contaminated with pesticides", it says in the consumer magazine. However, "the results for the individual salads were sometimes very different from each other" was heavily contaminated with pesticides that "the salad should not have been sold as an organic product." Another salad from the same supermarket chain had the highest pollutant load A total of pollutant residues were found in seven salads, with "the load on a salad was even above the legal maximum," said the consumer advocates.

Pesticides are used as pesticides or as biocides in pest control. Pesticides not only harm undesirable pests but also the human organism. Both the immune system and the hormone balance can be affected. They can also trigger cancer and allergies and cause damage to the nervous system. The environmental protection organization Greenpeace warns above all about the combined use of various pesticides. With such a pesticide cocktail, the limits of the individual pesticides would not necessarily be exceeded, but the combination poses dangers. (ag)

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