Bacteria in handbags like on toilet seats

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Dangerous levels of germs in handbags

Women's handbags are often more contaminated than the average toilet seat, reports the British daily "Daily Mail", referring to a recent study by the hygiene service provider "Initial Hygiene". Leather handbags are particularly heavily contaminated with bacteria, since the rough surface offers the germs excellent growth conditions. One in five handbags would have contained germs that could pose a serious threat to human health.

The investigation has shown that the dirtiest item in the handbag is the hand cream. On average there are more germs on their packaging surface than on the seat of a public toilet. "Lipstick and mascara also turned out to be little better," reports "Daily Mail". The technical manager at “Initial Hygiene”, Peter Barratt, explained: “Handbags regularly come into contact with our hands and a variety of surfaces, so that the risk of different germs being transferred to them is very high.” Here the bacteria could subsequently develop multiply well, especially since the handbags are usually only very rarely cleaned, the experts report.

Clean handbags regularly to avoid contamination In order to avoid contamination of the handbags with bacteria, Barratt and colleagues recommend cleaning the bags regularly. In addition, hands should be washed in the handbag after rummaging, if possible. It is also advisable to muck out the handbags occasionally. There are often countless items here that act as a potential breeding ground for germs, but are actually not needed in the handbag. The experts also advise cleaning the items and the surface of the handbag with antibacterial cloths every now and then. However, the fact that there is a higher germ load in her handbag than on a toilet seat should give the women enough reason to pay special attention to hygiene with regard to the handbag, even without a special request from the experts.

Germ-infested everyday objects Over the past few years, terrifyingly high levels of bacterial contamination have been found when examining the bacterial load on ordinary everyday objects. The hygiene service provider “Initial Hygiene” recently found extreme loads of coliform bacteria in half of all office kitchens examined. In many cases, the common kitchen was heavily contaminated with the bacteria that occur in human feces and, if taken orally, can lead to severe gastrointestinal infections with abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. The drainer, freezer and microwaves were particularly stressed (both inside and on the handles and buttons). In the office, telephone receivers, keyboards and computer mice are generally considered to be particularly contaminated with germs, but according to the studies by “Initial Hygiene”, the dangers lurk in the office kitchen or even in the handbag. (fp)

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