Cannabis legalization: CDU, FDP and SPD against it

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Coalition and SPD vote against legalizing cannabis

As reported yesterday, the Left Party in the German Bundestag applied for legalization of cannabis and the introduction of cannabis clubs. This was put to the vote after a short debate. As expected, however, the majority of parliamentarians rejected the application. CDU / CSU, FDP and SPD unanimously voted against. Only Alliance 90 / The Greens supported the idea of ​​cannabis social clubs.

The Greens' request for so-called “drug checking” was also denied. Here again the left voted in favor, CDU / CSU, FDP and SPD against. With the vote, the topic of more liberal drug policy is off the table for the time being.

The editor of the "Hemp Journal" Emanuel Kotzian was outraged by the result. "With their rejection of the application to set up cannabis clubs according to the Spanish model, the CDU, CSU, FDP and SPD continue to ignore the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court of March 9, 1994. It is time to take the war-on drugs to Germany as well With the fundamental rejection of enabling pressure check projects, the coalition and SPD are preventing an effective instrument for minimizing damage. We are happy to support a coalition of the willing when it comes to developing peace-on-drugs in Bavaria and Germany and thank LINKEN and GRÜNEN for their initiatives in the Bundestag, ”said Kotzian. (sb)

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