No fear of dizziness despite ice and snow

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Therapy by an ENT doctor improves coordination and balance

When there is picture book winter outside, many people enjoy long walks on Advent Sundays and the sight of snow-covered trees and houses. But people with balance problems and dizziness mostly only see treacherous ice and ominous smoothness. The fear of falls dominates the thoughts of those affected, especially in winter. They often spend the cold season alone in their house, because shopping, visiting friends and going for a walk is an almost impossible task for them. In addition to nausea, vomiting and black vision, those affected by vertigo complain that the world is spinning around them who gives way and they feel disoriented. According to HNOnet NRW, an association of resident ENT doctors from North Rhine-Westphalia, diagnosis and therapy of vertigo belong in the hands of ENT doctors.

However, many people with dizziness only come to the ENT doctor after a treatment marathon with inpatient stays and long sick leave. After months in which neither dentists, orthopaedists or other specialists were able to help them, many vertigo patients feel abandoned and hardly trust the ENT doctor to improve or even heal them. However, this is the right person to contact in case of vertigo. After extensive investigations, he makes a sound diagnosis and applies effective therapies. “Otolaryngologists are the first to examine the ear to rule out damage to it. Then they carry out hearing tests and balance tests, ”explains Dr. Uso Walter, Chairman of the HNOnet NRW and practicing ENT doctor. Therapy for organic causes is usually quite simple and includes the administration of medication or infusions with cortisone.

However, if no clear indication of the causes of the vertigo can be found even after extensive examinations, complex, symptomatic treatment is carried out. A fall would be fatal, especially for older vertigo patients - especially those with diseases such as osteoporosis. Accordingly, they are anxious in winter and hardly ever leave the house. It is recommended for them to take fall prevention measures and learn exercises. Most otolaryngologists have instructions in their practices about fall prevention and novel balance coordination systems. With various exercises, doctors deliberately create critical situations in order to teach those affected to keep their balance and not fall down. Eye and body exercises such as catching balls, standing on one leg or turning your head promote the sense of balance. In the course of therapy, patients regain courage, security and control. They venture out the door more often and can also fully enjoy the winter - even on snow-covered paths. Nevertheless, the following applies to those affected: Repeat exercises regularly and for a long time. (pm)

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