In summer weather, warm meals only in the evening

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Experts recommend warm meals only in the evening when the summer temperatures are high

According to nutrition experts, it is not a question of whether, but when a hot meal is eaten each day. In summer, however, fresh fruit and salad are better tolerated due to the heat. When the temperatures drop in the evening, it is time for warm meals.

Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in summer weather Isabelle Keller from the German Nutrition Society in Bonn advises light meals in the summer and a warm meal only in the evening. Then it gets cooler and the body sweat less. For lunch, salad or curd cheese with fruit is the right choice. That could also be combined with any diet plan. "The body makes no difference whether I take one calorie in the morning or in the evening." At the end of the day, the total number of calories counts.

According to the cellar, summer fruit is particularly recommended due to the large selection. "Cherries, pieces of melon, pineapple, I can prepare them for the office in the morning." Radishes, cucumbers, celery, bell peppers and tomatoes can be added to the menu. The vegetables are easily digestible and contain water as well as minerals.

In summer temperatures, drinking is the most important thing. Adults should drink at least about 1.5 liters of water a day. If the amount is fallen short of, concentration disorders and tiredness may result. "Water is the best thirst quencher," explains Keller, since it contains neither calories nor caffeine. "If that's too boring for me, I can switch to low-calorie drinks." Fruit tea can be mixed with a little fruit juice, for example.

Mediterranean cuisine is low in calories and lowers the risk of heart attack. It has been known for some time that southern Europeans have a lower risk of heart attack. According to the German Heart Foundation, this is mainly due to healthier eating habits. In the Mediterranean, mainly foods such as fish, olive oil and vegetables are regularly on the menu. These contain a lot of fiber and vitamins and are healthier for the heart than meat, animal fats and proteins. (ag)

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