Patients are not taken seriously

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Patients don't feel taken seriously

Patients often feel neglected by doctors when they criticize hospital treatment. This was the result of a current representative Forsa survey commissioned by the Schön Klinikgruppe. 72 percent of respondents also said that it was particularly important to them that their hospital had “in-depth experience” regarding their illness.

One in five criticizes treatment According to the Forsa survey, around one in five (18 percent) confronts their doctor with criticism of the treatment. However, only 38 percent of them feel that their complaint is being taken seriously. Overall, men (21 percent) are more likely to criticize hospital treatment than women (15 percent).

In addition to in-depth experience with the disease, “modern medical technology” is very important for 47 percent of the respondents and “friendly rooms” for 25 percent. 76 percent of the survey participants also stated that they would get information from their doctor, 66 percent in personal conversations and 54 percent on the Internet about the quality of a hospital.

The Forsa polling institute surveyed 500 Germans aged 40 to 70 who had had hospital treatment within the past five years. (ag)

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