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Chinese medicine helps with stroke prevention and recovery

Every year, 200,000 Germans receive the horror diagnosis of stroke, which often triggers horror at first, not only for those affected, but also for family members and friends. Many immediately think of lengthy rehabilitation measures or long-term damage, ranging from paralysis to language problems to immobility. Precisely because diseases of the blood vessels increase more and more, conventional medicine offers countless treatment approaches. Very few people know that even gentle alternatives such as Chinese medicine have resounding effects in prevention and recovery.

Doctors always speak of a stroke when there is insufficient blood flow to the brain. As a result, the supply of cells with oxygen and nutrients no longer works properly, brain and nerve functions deteriorate. The culprits of poor blood circulation are usually “clogged” blood vessels. Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert, general practitioner and head of the clinic at the Steigerwald, explains the therapeutic goals of Chinese medicine: “Chinese treatment approaches improve the permeability of blood vessels and reduce inflammation. To do this, we activate the body's self-healing powers, so that it independently transfers deposited metabolic end products to the outside and improves the micro-circulation. In principle, it is about getting the supply and disposal under control again. "

Chinese medicinal therapy is the basis of the treatment. Individually compiled herbs support the success of the treatment, as patients consume boiled water from it throughout the day. Doctors monitor their effects and continually adjust the prescription. For diseases of the blood vessels, TCM experts often rely on red sage as a component of the medicinal medicinal product. But if you think you can administer plant substances yourself, you're wrong. “Salvia miltiorrhiza is a highly effective substance that should only be used under medical supervision and in very low doses. In addition, every body reacts very differently to this medicine. In the worst case, if used incorrectly, it leads to an acute worsening of the symptoms. ”Acupuncture, Qi Gong, tunia massages and a vegetarian diet are used to support medicinal therapy.

With a careful choice of food, everyone can support their own recovery or prevent strokes. Chinese principle: "Do not make the blood thick." This contributes to a vegetable-rich diet and alcohol in moderation as well as the absence of coffee and nicotine. In addition, drink a glass of warm water several times a day - whoever likes it with ginger - restores the inner clarity in the body. And for the mental balance Dr. Schmincke warmly to all concerned: "Clarify problems in the family, this relieves tension in the brain."

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