Having children is contagious

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Women with children in the family are more likely to become pregnant

Offspring in the closer family circle apparently increases the willingness to have children. According to researchers from the Institute for Demography in Vienna, children in the family environment are literally contagious.

As reported in the current issue of the journal "Apotheken Umschau", the scientists at the Institute for Demography in Vienna have found that so far childless people are more willing to have a child if there is already a child in their immediate family.

If, for example, the sister or brother of a woman of childbearing age has a child, the probability that she herself will become pregnant within the next year is doubled, the “Apotheken Umschau” reports on the results of the researchers at the Institute for Demography in Vienna. As part of their study, the scientists examined the data from 110,000 Norwegian sibling pairs and found that women who were born in a closer family environment - compared to the average number of childless women - had significantly more children of their own. Obviously, the desire to have children grows as soon as the women experience the offspring in the family. Conversely, this would mean, however, that if there was a shortage of offspring in the closer family circle, the childless remained far more often without their own children. (fp)

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