PKV refuses homeopathy reimbursement

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Private health insurance reimbursement of homeopathic medicines

Private health insurance companies occasionally refuse to reimburse homeopathic medicines - for different reasons. In a current case, it is Axa Krankenversicherung AG, which does not cover the costs for the homeopathic medicine Zincum phosphoricum C 30, which has been prescribed by a doctor. In the rejection notice, Axa justifies the non-reimbursement: “The purchased preparation Zincum phosphoricum was not approved as a medicine in Germany at the time of purchase. For this reason, a reimbursement of the preparation is not possible. "Axa becomes more detailed upon request:" ... the preparation listed is not only not a preparation approved in Germany, but also not a comprehensible medically necessary treatment - at least not in the sense a health insurance contract. If you approach the matter very benevolently, you could classify the preparation as a 'dietary supplement' (which it obviously does not have as a classification) and then it would still not be a medicine within the meaning of the AVB (General Insurance Conditions). ”

The Scientific Society for Homeopathy (WissHom) takes a stand WissHom has examined this reasoning and other frequently used reasons. Curt Kösters, spokesman for the Quality Promotion section of WissHom, clarifies: “Homeopathic medicines are clearly defined as medicines in the Medicines Act (AMG). As such, they are subject to the law, regardless of whether they are approved with indication or registered, as is customary with individual medicines, without indication. ”All marketable medicines can be prescribed, regardless of whether they are approved conventional medicines or registered homeopathic or traditional medicines herbal medicine. In the usual contracts of private insurers, the costs for prescribed medicines are reimbursed as part of the outpatient medical treatment, insofar as the treatment is medically sensible and necessary. This is expressly not limited to conventional medical treatments. "It is not the insurance company that decides whether the medical therapy is sensible and effective, but the doctor treating it. The contract was concluded for this," concluded the Hamburg doctor Kösters. The Scientific Society for Homeopathy (WissHom) is committed to the practical and theoretical development of homeopathy. (DZVhÄ)

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