Headache: Migraine app for smartphones

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Control headaches: Migraine app for smartphones

New applications (applications) for the treatment support of various diseases and for the promotion of health in general are appearing increasingly for smartphones. One of these new apps is now dedicated to the topic of migraines and should help to better control the occurrence of headache attacks.

The migraine app enables those affected to precisely record factors such as the causes, side effects and the intensity of the headache attacks, so that they can be taken into account in the context of medical treatment. In addition, users receive information on possible preventive measures and helpful non-drug treatment approaches against the migraine attacks.

Migraine app for logging the headache Smartphone applications such as the free "migraine diary" from the pharmaceutical manufacturer Acis offer a relatively simple method of logging the course of the disease and possibly influencing it positively. In addition, the stored data can also be passed on directly to the treating doctor if necessary. With the help of the migraine app, those affected record when and under what circumstances they experience a migraine attack. The date, time of day and duration are recorded exactly. A slider enables the pain intensity to be specified and the patient can also use a graphic to indicate where the headache is located. There is also the possibility of recording other migraine symptoms such as visual disturbances, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Typical migraine risk factors such as excessive stress, weather fluctuations or certain foods are also queried. In addition, patients can freely formulate individual complaints in a dedicated area. If the person concerned is already taking medication for their migraine attacks, they can also record this in the migraine app, whereby the dosage and the dosage form are also queried.

Migraine diary offers benefits for patients and doctors Migraine diaries in themselves are nothing new and have been recommended to migraine sufferers for years. The migraine app takes this as a model, but simplifies the storage and evaluation of the data. The information no longer has to be put on paper and the statistical analysis is carried out by the smartphone or tablet computer. Not only is the victim offered a representation of their headache attacks in the calendar, but they can also use the migraine app to track the average intensity of the seizures, frequent side effects and recurring triggers such as weather fluctuations, stress or certain foods. The data obtained from the migraine app can also be passed on directly to a doctor and provide him with important information for diagnosis or treatment. The exact recording of the occasions and symptoms offers the doctors much more starting points here than the simple description of the complaints by affected patients. In the future, the new app could possibly also bring significant advantages for migraine therapy.

Can migraines be treated relatively well today? According to the experts from the German Migraine and Headache Society (DMKG), many migraine patients can already be helped today. Not only are medications used in acute therapy and prophylaxis noticeable, but simple measures such as regular walking or jogging also have a positive effect. In addition, naturopathy offers various options for treating migraines, with therapeutic successes having been achieved in the past, for example with diversion procedures, biofeedback, therapeutic fasting, homeopathy, osteopathy and acupuncture. Due to their stress-relieving effect, measures such as relaxation exercises, autogenic training or tai chi are considered to prevent migraines. (fp)

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