Gout: Exercise and vegetarian nutrition helps

Sports and vegetarian nutrition help with gout

The German Rheumatism League advises gout patients to avoid the popular Christmas goose. Meat and in particular offal and fish can significantly aggravate the symptoms.

Exercise and fruits and vegetables
Prof. Stefan Schewe from the German Rheumatism League in Bonn reports that alcohol, meat and fish are taboo for gout patients. Instead, those affected should consume vegetables, fruit, pasta, potatoes or rice in addition to two liters of liquid. Even if it is often difficult for those affected to change their diet to vegetarian food, this is absolutely necessary. There are numerous cookbooks with special recipes for gout patients. In addition, many vegetarian dishes can be found on the Internet. The expert also recommends me and milk products, as they lower uric acid levels.

In addition to nutrition, exercise also has a major impact on the course of the disease. Gout patients should definitely exercise enough. Many patients take gentle postures and avoid exercise. This increases the restriction of movement. Rheumatism leagues now exist in many cities and offer dance classes, tai chi and yoga, for example. Aqua cycling or muscle building training as part of medical training therapy (MTT) are also suitable.

What is gout?
Gout is a metabolic disorder that is increasing rapidly in western countries. It is commonly seen as a disease of affluence. The cause of the disease is increased uric acid levels in the blood. The increased values ​​occur when the uric acid that is produced when certain foods, such as meat, are broken down, either cannot be excreted or too much is supplied. Crystals are formed which are deposited and lead to permanent complaints. Joints and organs are damaged. The kidneys are particularly affected as excretory organs and can develop into the so-called gout kidney. Furthermore, gout nodes (tophi) can develop on bones and in organs. Symptoms of gout include swelling, redness and pain in the mostly overheated joints and especially in the big toe joint (Podagra). Gout attacks are often associated with fever. According to the German Society for Rheumatology, about two percent of people in Germany suffer from gout. (ag)

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