DAK subsidizes osteopathy for children

The DAK health insurance fund subsidizes osteopathy treatments for children

Cry attacks, digestive problems, poor posture - many babies show symptoms after birth that conventional medicine cannot clearly assign. Desperate parents often turn to an osteopath. The DAK has recently subsidized its alternative healing method - nationwide.

The cause of the suffering is mostly tension and other disorders. "With a holistic approach, osteopaths try to release the blockages and activate the body's self-healing powers through various grip techniques," says Dieter Carius, DAK expert for alternative remedies. In search of the tension, the whole body is "lit up" with hands from top to bottom and from the outside to the inside.

Clear blockages as early as possible "The problems in babies are resolved faster than in adults," says Carius. "The tension has not yet set." It was all the more important to discover the cause of the child's discomfort early on. Because: If the disorders do not heal on their own, they often persist for years without treatment and influence the child's psychological and motor development.

Reimbursement of costs for initial check The DAK reimburses the costs for the osteopathic initial check for all DAK family-insured infants in the first year of life. If further treatments are necessary, the health fund participates with a discount, which the osteopath charges directly with the customer. Prerequisite: The doctor must be a member of the German Society for Osteopathic Medicine (DGOM). Carius: “It guarantees high quality treatment standards. Its members are doctors who have to demonstrate 700 hours of training in osteopathy and regular further training. ”(Pm)

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