Health insurance companies: No merger of the TK and KKH alliance

No merger of the Techniker Krankenkasse with the KKH alliance. Both board members deny a planned merger

The wave of mergers at the statutory health insurance companies has been going on for years. Last week it was said that the KKH alliance wants to merge with the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). But now both health insurance companies have put an end to the speculation. A possible merger of both funds is vehemently denied by the board. For example, the Techniker health insurance company announced that no discussions had taken place in advance. Corresponding media reports have been denied. Health economists would have predicted a possible merger, because a merger with the estimated nine million insured would have created Germany's largest statutory health insurance fund since the Federal Republic was founded.

No merger and no talks planned The denial came immediately on Friday. The newspaper report would be false information and fictitious, said a spokesman for the KKH alliance. The allegation that the two board members had already agreed and that the employers 'and employees' boards only had to give their approval at their next meeting in March was also a false allegation. The "Leipziger Volkszeitung" had reported on Friday morning that the health insurance merger was a matter of fact. However, the report did not reveal where this specific information came from. The only source mentioned was "well-informed circles" from politics and health insurance companies. It is possible that both health insurers do not yet want to publicly announce a merger, or that the talks have already ended without result.

Meanwhile, the health insurance merger continues. Within two years, the number of health insurers has shrunk from 216 to 163. The health insurance funds are merging to take up a better negotiating position in the pharmaceutical market and with medical associations. Larger health insurance companies can also react more quickly to changing situations in the member structures and are less affected by the dangers of possible bankruptcy. (sb)

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