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Billions surplus of health insurance companies does not justify a reduction in the contribution of statutory health insurance

In view of the billions in excess of the statutory health insurance funds, the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach is calling for a reduction in the contribution of the health insurance contributions. According to the GKV estimating group, the health insurance companies will generate a surplus of around 2.7 billion euros by 2014. The liquidity reserve will then be around six billion euros by the end of 2011.

But "Halt" resounds from the ranks of the black-yellow coalition. The surplus generated is needed to finance social compensation in the future. The increase in regular contributions to 15.5 percent ultimately prevented an additional contribution from the majority of health insurers this year, argued Jens Spahn, health expert at the CDU. But Lauterbach sees the increase in the cash contributions as a deception of the citizen. The Federal Government has always justified the increase in contributions with the fact that the SHI is facing a deficit of around eleven billion euros. But now it is becoming apparent that the health fund's liquidity reserve will rise to 6.2 billion euros by the end of the year. In view of these figures, the contribution rate for employees must be reduced by 0.3 percent because the forecast deficit does not materialize. The federal government only introduced the premium increase so that no additional contributions are introduced. That is a pure deception of the insured.

However, the Federal Government sees no scope for reducing the contributions to health insurance contributions. The reserve ultimately serves to compensate for fluctuations in health insurance revenue. In addition, it should be avoided that the taxpayer is burdened excessively, Dr. Gaßner, President of the Federal Insurance Office. At the end of the year, the reserve fund was just at the minimum rate of 20 percent. A further expansion of the reserves is necessary in order to finance social compensation in the future. This is in the interest of all insured, because the health fund ensures the future and the affordability of statutory health insurance. Short-term changes could endanger the fund, said the chairman of the Federal Insurance Office. (sb)

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