Children: Rather prefer medication

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Children: Rather prefer medication

Children who run wild and play quickly are considered hyperactive, then the suspicion of ADHD syndrome is not far away. But meanwhile there has apparently been a rethink in society. However, according to a representative survey commissioned by the magazine "BABY und Familie", a large number of Germans believe that parents worry too quickly and hastily when things get a bit "wild". 41.3 percent of those surveyed stated that they consider parents' concerns to be "exaggerated". A clear majority even says that children are prescribed medication too quickly today because they are considered to be “behavioral abnormal”. About two thirds of the survey participants indicated that most children should let off steam in the game. This is an adequate way to find a simple solution to the "problem". Medicines like Ritalin are unnecessary.

Last year the polling institute "Forsa" conducted a survey among parents. According to this, around seven percent of the parents surveyed believe that their child has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). If this assessment were correct, there would be at least two children with ADHD in every German school class. (sb)

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