Job center cuts pregnant women Hartz IV to zero

Job center cuts pregnant Hartz IV sentence to zero

As reported by the unemployed forum Germany, the job center in Braunschweig has reduced the Hartz IV benefits of a pregnant woman by 100 percent for three months. According to the people affected, she declined a one-euro job because the current pregnancy made her unfit for health. However, the job center took a different view on this matter and cut the unemployment benefit II standard rate to zero. It was also made clear that shortening the sanction period was out of the question because there was a "public interest".

The 22-year-old woman, who is four months pregnant, should now go to the job center once a week to collect food vouchers. The woman then applied for travel expenses because the way to the job center was 10 km. The job center also refused to cover the travel expenses. The woman could walk, as it was said. In addition, the job center refuses to pay the doctor's office fee, and it is also out of the question to assume the cost of pharmaceuticals. But that's not all: the additional need for pregnant women, which is anchored in SGB II, has not been paid since January 1, 2011.

The unemployed forum Germany was concerned: “We have seen some bad things in connection with sanctions. The behavior of the Braunschweig job center tops everything. ”At a hearing, the employees of the job center could have experienced for themselves how bad the woman's health is, said a spokesman for the initiative. Nevertheless, the sanction is maintained. The unemployed forum has now provided the affected person with a lawyer. It is assumed that the responsible social court will declare the sanction to be unlawful and lift it again. (sb)

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