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Depression: Many famous people in world history Almost a year ago, the German national goalkeeper Robert Enke was killed. This had shocked the public and at the same time directed public interest to the widespread spread of mental illnesses such as depression.

Depression also widespread in Germany Depression is the most common form of mental illness in Germany. According to estimates by the Federal Ministry of Health, around four million Germans are affected by depression and a good ten million suffer from such a mental illness at least once by the age of 65. Around 20 percent of all German citizens experience the disease at least once in their entire lives, with about 25 percent affected by adult women and around ten percent by men. However, according to the health authorities, just under half of the depressions are recognized as such and far from all those affected seek medical help. According to the experts, the number of unreported cases is likely to be relatively high. The British National Health Service (NHS) is even assuming in a large-scale information campaign that almost everyone in their lives suffers from depression at least once. The NHS campaign is particularly aimed at men, who, because of an irrational sense of shame, would tend to conceal the disease or refrain from visiting a doctor and often did not receive the support they needed.

Genetic disposition and environmental factors are decisive
Research into the causes has been scientifically proven in various family, twin and adoption studies that there is a genetic disposition for depression. The risk of illness for children with a depressed parent is 10 to 15 percent if both parents are depressed 30 to 40 percent. In the context of the twin studies, however, it was also proven that not only the genetic disposition but also environmental factors always play a decisive role in the development of a possible disease. These environmental factors include, for example, chronic stress and poor personal processing. Unemployment, physical illnesses, low quality of the partnership as well as the loss of the partner or close people are also considered environmental factors that can trigger a depressive illness.

Numerous famous people affected by depression can affect anyone. Even if everything is going well from the outside, professional success, social recognition and a positive personal environment do not protect against such suffering. Over the course of world history, countless prominent personalities have developed depression, which no one would believe today that they had to deal with psychological problems. For example, personalities such as Winston Churchill, Ludwig van Beethoven, Alexander the Great, Marlon Brando, Ray Charles, Charles Dickens, Robert Downey Jr., Richard Dreyfuss, Audrey Hepburn, Hermann Hesse, Isaac Newton, Friedrich Nietzsche, Mark Twain, Vincent suffered Van Gogh, Franz Liszt, Pablo Picasso, Honoré de Balzac, Wilhelm Busch, Charles Darwin and Justus Liebig with an illness of the psyche. Even Sigmund Freud showed corresponding symptoms. Wilhelm Lange-Einbaum and Wolfram Kurtht have intensively devoted themselves to the mental illnesses of well-known personalities in the book "Genius, Insanity and Fame".

Depression develops over weeks and months On the occasion of the establishment of two day clinics for psychiatry and psychotherapy, each with ten treatment places in the Uecker-Randow district, the "Nordkurier" spoke to the head of the day clinic of the Ameos Clinic, Dr. med. Jörg Jüttner, on the treatment of depression. Although the day clinics' local therapy treats depression as well as numerous other mental illnesses such as anxiety and panic disorders, stress reactions and adjustment disorders, one of the main areas of activity is the treatment of depression. Every third patient admitted is, according to Dr. Jüttner depressed. According to the expert, the "November blues" that many Germans are currently seeing is not yet a reason to go to the doctor, because sadness or listlessness is not automatically a depression. Rather, the symptoms of depression creep over weeks and weeks Months develop, which include sleep disorders, loss of appetite and lack of motivation as well as physical complaints, which is why "this disease is relatively difficult to diagnose and often remains undetected for a long time," explained the specialist to the "Nordkurier." diagnosis is more likely to accept inflammation of the mucous membrane than if he is advised of a mental illness. "

Day clinic as an alternative to inpatient treatment
The newly established day clinics not only offer those affected appropriate medical treatment but also have "the decisive advantage that the mentally ill patient can continue to stay in their familiar environment", explained Dr. Jüttner also. Treatment takes place in the clinics during the day and the patient is at home in the evening. "This also reduces the cost of the treatment," emphasized the specialist. However, accommodation in the day clinic can only be considered if the disease is mild to moderate. Nevertheless, it is a good alternative for those affected, since the stigma caused by daily treatment with a stay at home is far less than that of inpatient accommodation in a clinic for the mentally ill.

Curability of Depression? When asked about the curability of depression, the specialist Dr. Jüttner that depressive illnesses are easy to treat and that "a wide range of psychotherapeutic procedures are available". Also at the medication level, various antidepressants can regulate the messenger substances in the brain that have become out of balance due to the disease. "The forms of therapy can be used individually or in combination," explained Dr. Jüttner and they have helped many patients. Even if they were initially opposed or skeptical about the treatment or suffered from the side effects of the medication. The expert excludes dependence on antidepressants on request. However, he emphasized that the preparations, like other medicines, can have side effects. In conclusion, the doctor advises accepting depression for what it is: an illness that should be treated by a doctor. Supposedly encouraging words should be avoided by the environment as much as possible, because they only help those affected little or, in the worst case, make the situation worse, because the sick people feel misunderstood and isolated. (fp, 10/15/2010)

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