Lose weight with acupuncture

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Lose weight with acupuncture

Lose weight through acupuncture - Individual treatment instead of "Scheme F".

(04.08.2010) Acupuncture can help you lose weight. There are many good reasons to lose weight for overweight people, who are now said to make up half of the German population. Your own health and beauty are at the forefront, and the index finger of health insurers and politicians are also increasingly pressing, warningly pointing out the economic consequences. At the same time, support is offered through a flood of diets, medicines and naturopathic treatments. But not everything benefits everyone, especially because various causes can be involved in the development of overweight. In ear acupuncture, a method from naturopathy that is increasingly used for weight loss, among other things, these causes are taken into account individually and the treatment is tailored to them.

Lose weight through acupuncture: Lose weight through acupuncture
Being overweight can make you sick
Causes of obesity
Individual treatment with ear acupuncture
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Being overweight can make you sick

The consequences that can result from persistent obesity are serious. The chance of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, thrombosis or circulatory disorders should increase, as should the risk of cancer, lung diseases, gallstones, urinary stones and joint arthrosis. The other way round, this risk is reduced if the weight can be reduced and maintained over the long term by 70% for heart attacks, and even 85% for diabetes. In addition, there is lightness and flexibility, which contribute to a general sense of well-being.

Causes of obesity

Everyone has a vital need for energy, which is built up by eating. Excess energies (calories) are stored as fat and show up sooner or later as being overweight. The reasons for this "overeating" are often due to the lifestyle with sedentary work, high-calorie meals and little exercise in leisure time.

The question of genetic predisposition remains controversial because a family-related overweight can also be explained by the family's nutritional style. Constitutional differences in the development of the body structure, however, can hardly be denied. Possible organic reasons are the underactive thyroid, a digestive weakness with functional disorders of the stomach, duodenum, liver or gall bladder. A reduced kidney excretion can also be the reason. Last but not least, it is also psychological aspects such as grief, fear, overwhelming, frustration, stress and boredom that make us look for consolation in the food as well as “weak nerves” that cause relapses when the diet is started.

Individual treatment with ear acupuncture

Acupuncture on the ear does not replace a change in eating and lifestyle habits. Before or during treatment, advice and support in this regard is usually essential to successfully lose weight.

Ear acupuncture does not have a ready-made concept for losing weight according to "Scheme F". Acupuncture points are treated that reflect all body structures on the ear as reflex zones. In this way, weakened organs and functional processes (metabolism, excretion, digestion) can be strengthened. Psychologically effective points are also known and are well suited to relax both the causative and unpleasant feelings of losing weight for overeating.

Unlike with body acupuncture, the associated test procedures, e.g. Pushbuttons or skin resistance measuring devices always only show the acupuncture points, the treatment of which currently optimizes or regulates the processes in the organism. This self-organizing principle, which is the basis of countless naturopathic treatments, specifies the "importance" of the points to be treated. For example, the liver point and a point to “de-stress” the vegetative nervous system may appear first, although thyroid weakness is already known. The therapist combines these signs with information that he has also gathered in conversation and observation to form a very individual treatment plan.

This naturopathic treatment does not withstand any evidence-based study, but experience has shown that it helps a large number of people fight obesity. (Dipl.Päd.Jeanette Viñals Stein, naturopath, 08/08/2010)

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