Every third person gets sick on vacation

One in three Germans gets sick while on vacation. Sunburn, cold and gastrointestinal problems are the most common vacation diseases.

(06/25/2010) Many vacationers get sick during the vacation trip. Every third German was sick on vacation, as the German employee health insurance (DAK) announced. According to a DAK survey, 36 percent of vacationers suffered from sunburn. 35 percent of respondents said they had a cold and 30 percent had a gastrointestinal infection.

Young people, in particular, would be careless during the holiday period and would often suffer severe sunburn or even sunstroke. Every 18 to 29 year old has suffered a sunstroke that is dangerous to health. Every second young person would have contracted a cold. A cold often arises from too cold air conditioning and drafts.

Holiday illnesses such as allergies, sunstroke and broken bones also rank in the upper ranks. Every sixth person had an allergy or sunstroke while on vacation. Every tenth German had a broken bone or sprain. These breaks are particularly common during winter holidays. Amazingly, only six percent of those surveyed had food poisoning. Consequential diseases caused by insect bites only had 6 percent. The main topic remains the sunburn. "If you want to return home healthy and relaxed, you should be especially careful about the sun," advises DAK health expert Elisabeth Thomas. (sb)

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