Ecotest: Carcinogenic substances in shower gels

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According to "Ökotest", numerous shower gels should contain substances that are hazardous to health.

(03.06.2010) The consumer magazine "Ökotest" examined 31 shower gels and tested them for health compatibility. Terrifying results came to light: The majority of shower gels contained carcinogenic ingredients.

Ökotest tested a total of 31 shower gels. Six of the gels tested were naturally produced shower gels and come from natural cosmetics. The rest of the products were bought in pharmacies, drugstores, supermarkets and discount stores. The price range of the different products was very high: the cheapest shower gel cost just 54 cents, the most expensive 11.50 euros. Above all, Ökotest wanted to know whether the manufacturers are still using the carcinogenic substance "dioxane". The testers should be right in accepting them.

Just six of the shower gels tested received the "Very Good" eco-test seal. It was exactly the six shower gels tested that came from natural cosmetics. All six products contained no carcinogenic substances. The test winners were: Hauschka shower cream Herbe witch hazel, Lavera Body Spa Lemon Fresh shower and bath gel, Logona Nordic shower bath cranberry & sea buckthorn, Weleda sea buckthorn vitalizing shower, Kneipp natural cosmetics shower balm lemon grass & olive, and Neobio Chili Orange shower gel. The only disadvantage of natural cosmetic shower gels: they are much more expensive than conventional products.

Except for a shower gel, namely "Sebamed Fresh Shower", all other tested shower gels contained traces of the carcinogenic substance "dioxane". Two other products also had other health-endangering substances. The conclusion is therefore loud: natural cosmetics are expensive, but much better for health and well-being. Although manufacturers of conventional shower gels have repeatedly promised to use other surfactants in the past, "dioxane" is still used in most shower gel products. (sb)

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